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ООО Холдинговая охранная организация "Элит Секьюрити"

Отрасль: Страховые услуги

Описание: Elite Security is one of the few major shareholder managed security companies that operates across Russia, Europe and the CIS. The company was founded in 1997 and up to today has grown organically from our continued re-investment, the loyalty of our satisfied customers and the strategic planning of our management team. As Elite Security has matured to its current size of siz sub-divisions, over 25 representative offices and over 5000 staff, we have added services and locations to meet the broad needs and high standards of our Multinational client base. These now range from standard guarding to corporate investigations in locations from London to the Russian Far East.
We take pride in the fact that Elite Security is one of the few local companies with the ability to consistently meet the needs of our Clients and the international standards of their organizations. This is as our multilingual management team is constantly available to our Clients and flexible to their individual requirements. We also have an active presence at the Association of European Business, Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce as well as security organisations such as ASIS, Sphere, ACFE, Intellenet, SIA and some others. Elite Security is accordingly on the cutting edge of developments in the security industry and consistently striving to improve the service to our Clients through raising standards and lowering costs.
Elite Security is compiliant and a progressive employer - traits which are rare in the security industry. We protect our staff and offer them personal growth which in turn improves perfomance and our Client"s satisfaction. Accordingly we have received full approval and the highest rating from the Russian Labor Committee Special Inspection on working conditions according to the requirements of the Federal Law 426-F3 issued 28.12.13 Article 15 Part 6.

Адрес: Москва, www.elite-security.ru (посмотреть на карте)

Метро: Калужская

Контактное лицо: Галина Александровна

Телефон: 89851189787

E-mail: g.bakunova@mail.ru

Сайт: http://www.elite-security.ru/about/

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Предотвращение краж на объекте заказчика

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КПП, видеонаблюдение
• предотвращение краж
• регистрация посетителей, выдача пропусков работникам
• организация контрольно-пропускного режима работников, посетителей и автотранспорта

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Обязательно наличие УЧО,квалификации,разряда

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Обязательно наличие УЧО, квалификации, разряда

по договоренности

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-организация контрольно-пропускного режима; - сохранность материальных ценностей;

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организация контрольно-пропускного режима; - сохранность материальных ценностей;

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Обязательно наличие УЧО, квалификации, разряда

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<p>Обязательно наличие УЧО, квалификации, разряда</p>

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<p>Желательно наличие УЧО,квалификации,разряда</p>

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Ответы на телефонные звонки на русском и английском языке,регистрация посетителей выдача пропусков,контроль вноса и выноса имущества предприятия.Распределение машин по...

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